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nes gameboy on dsi



DS 3DS & DSi Multi-carts: work just like the original

Up till now DS Multicarts has been offering factory manufacted NDS / DS Lite and Nintendo DSi Multi Game Cartridges. Equiped with a considerably larger memory capacity than regular single game cartridges these DS multiple game cards can hold up to 200 games in one, and give you easy access to all these games from an onscreen menu in the DS / DSi.   (Buy DS Multi Game Cartridges)

What is new is that now these custumised cartridges can be ordered with built in DS + NES 8-bit, GAMEBOY classic and Game Boy COLOR games. You can buy a super catrt with all versions of Pokemon and Mario games packed into ONE cart!

Nintendo DS Multicart Games togather with your Nintendo DS console will never fail to entertain you. It will always get you out of a tight spot. When you want a little adventure, you can bring your console with you. You can silently play and be in another world. Be taken away to a world of fun, of racing, of conquering your enemies, of rescuing the princess in distress, of gaining so much power, and so much more.

Before, you could enjoy a single game in your Nintendo DS console and you enjoyed the experience immensely. The game never faltered in giving you the outlet of that little child in you. Even when you are already a grown-up, you can still enjoy playing a game in the same way you did as a child.

Nintendo has never failed any child or adult when it comes to giving them the happiness and enjoyment that they want. Now, Nintendo has increased in multiple folds the happiness that its games can give the children. It gave way to the invention of NDS Multi Game Cartridges. These multi-carts contain more than one game, possibly reaching more than 100 DS games in one multi cartridge. You need not worry about the quality of the multi-cart games. They still work exactly like how the games in single cartridges do. In multi-carts, the games work similarly to how Game Save or Link Play does. You need not make big adjustments to how you play the games because they are exactly the same. The quality of each game does not diminish although they are sharing a single cartridge.    

Your NDS Multi Game Cartridges will still be as entertaining and as full as the game in a single cartridge. Nintendo has the technology and specs to accommodate as many as 100 games in a cartridge that used to contain one game alone.

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